Jim Tauber, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Los Angeles. He was a Staff Counselor at The Relational Center after having received his M.A. in Clinical Psychology. Previously Jim received his B.A. in Sociology and a J.D..  Jim spent 30 years in the film industry as a senior executive.

With his wife, Laura Newman,  Jim has been trained as a PACT® couples therapist. The use of this psychobiological, neurological and attachment approach has informed his work.  PACT counseling deepens the work with couples by nurturing a greater sense of collaboration, a greater understanding of how the brain works, and a broader awareness of how individuals attach to each other and find how they feel safe. 

Jim is also trained in EMDR.  EMDR is an effective form of treatment for unresolved and unexplored trauma, its goal to eliminate or decrease the symptoms of these past traumas.  It is effective for panic, grief, disturbing memories, stress, eating disorders, and addiction to name a few.  Often an upsetting memory may become frozen in time and have lasting negative effects, interfering with daily life.  Studies have shown EMDR can shift the processing of these memories.  

Working with couples, Jim and Laura practice EMDR with partners who have experienced trauma and desire to process these experiences within the context of couples therapy.  This experience can create new levels of intimacy and depth for partners, as well as an improvement to the relational regulation from the resolution and exploration of upsetting memories.  

Personal Note:

My life experience, including parenting 3 daughters, managing companies for over 30 years and my robust and ever-growing marriage to my wife and co-therapist, Laura Newman, helps me broaden my perspective and appreciation for my clients and the challenges we all confront. My particular interest is utilizing relational Gestalt therapy and humanistic approaches to counseling couples, Re-Formed families, children and individuals.

Therapy is a collaborative process and I am not afraid to join and challenge my clients on the emotional and practical paths we travel together.  Often times we find ourselves unable to access existing resources to reduce our feelings of being alone, stuck and indecisive.  Accepting ourselves as who and where we are can be an amazing tool for change, as well as understanding our triggers of fear and shame.